A Brief Overview of the Vivo Y72 Android Phone

The new cheapest smartphone from Vivo – they 1972 is designed to be more feature rich than its predecessors. However, the device does come with its fair share of drawbacks that can dampen the appeal of the phone to some consumers. The cheap Vivo Y72 can appeal to people who want a nice phone, however it does not live up to its high expectations.

Despite being the cheapest smartphone in the market, the Vivo Y72 suffers from many of the same problems as many other cheap smartphones. It has an easily scratched vivo y72 screen, poor cameras and poor quality speakers. The cheap price of the phone does not necessarily mean you are getting top of the range technology however. The cheap price of the phone means you get software that is not as good as that found on high end smartphones like the iPhone 4 or HTC Evo Shift.

The first thing you will notice about the Vivo Y72 is that it lacks a rear camera. This was always the case with the earlier Vivo phones, but the new one does not have one. The reason for this is because the company did not think enough of the needs of its users. For example, taking pictures at set locations requires you to have a rear camera, because the optical zoom will not capture anything if the rear camera does not have enough resolution. So, instead of including rear cameras, the this vivo Y 72 has a lens equipped with a f/2.8 lens that allows it to capture images in every possible angle. This is an improvement over previous models that only had a front-facing camera.

Another issue that the this vivo Y 72 has is that it lacks a self-timer. A self-timer will help you take photos in a specific time frame. This is an important feature because you cannot rush your photograph and end up with photos that are bad or taken in poor lighting conditions. Furthermore, the lack of a self-timer also means that you will need to equip the front-facing camera with a timer since the rear-facing camera lacks one. In fact, you can also download different apps to the this vivo Y 72 to enable you to take photos using other apps that support the Qi technology. The ability to connect to other devices with the iPhone or HTC Evo Shift through its Bluetooth 4.2 technology makes this handset truly flexible.

The Vivo Y72 has similar connectivity features to the iPhone. It has a microSD slot and comes with a SIM card reader. Although there is no memory card, the microSD can be inserted into the iPhone via the iPhone’s dock connector or through the USB connection. If you do not have a microSD card or if you intend to use the microSD only for data storage, the phone can also be used as a PDA. It has a nice keyboard which is responsive and has nice fonts.

The interface of this handset is simple and attractive, while the Vivo Y72 has standard Android interface features. There are no notification LED on the home screen, however, if you press on the home button you will see several alert panels. The navigation buttons are standard on this handset along with the volume controls. This handset runs on a single main android OS, which is ViR4